I love Estonian bread

Urmas Kruuse - Minister of Rural Affairs​

When I think of Estonian food, I first imagine the genuine Estonian rye bread. Nothing can be better than to take slice of fresh bread with crisp crust, spread some salty butter on it, and the perfect food is ready. I guess that for Estonians bread is something more than just a food. There is probably no Estonian, who would not begin to long for the right Estonian bread during longer or shorter period away from home. Estonians, who travel abroad to visit friends and colleagues, often put a loaf of bread or two into their suitcase, in order to bring the taste of home to those living far away. It seems that in addition to refreshment, bread also helps to relieve homesickness, because the tastes, which have been important in childhood, remain in your memory for the whole life. Therefore I am especially happy that bread is still very important for Estonians. It is also pleasant that baking bread at home has become really popular in recent years. The old tradition of baking bread for the family has been revived. Very many families have their own bread recipe, originating from ancestors or designed by the host or hostess, taking account of taste preferences of the family. This way we preserve and develop the history of Estonian bread, and more broadly, also the history of Estonian food culture. 

My grandparents once said that if you do not eat two slices of rye bread in a day, your day has failed. I am very thankful to them for this idea, and I have followed it until today.


May your bread last!

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