Estonian food in cafés and restaurants


Although Estonian cafés and restaurants mainly find their inspiration from the Mediterranean cuisine, there are many which respect traditional as well as contemporary Estonian food and Estonian quality basic products. An increasing amount of the production of Estonian farmers finds its way to the menus of Estonian cafés and restaurants, and the chefs are discovering new and interesting ways to combine traditional Estonian cuisine with new techniques or taste combinations.

If you are looking for a special experience from a restaurant or café which has been elected among the top 50 best restaurants in Estonia, then find a suitable venue here:

The 50 Best restaurants

Get to know the Estonian culinary regions and follow a delicious route through Estonia by spotting the best, most tempting restaurant near your location from the map:

Estonian culinary route

Find exciting suggestions for thrilling dishes and acknowledged restaurants in different regions of Estonia, pick out a restaurant from the interactive map and book a table:


Food industry organisations

Estonia has many organisations whose main activity is related to food and the research, legislation, campaigns and other initiatives related to the food industry. Learn more about them!

The Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce

The Estonian Farmers' Association

The Estonian Farmers’ Federation

The Estonian Food Industry Association

The Estonian Traders Association

The Estonian Association of Fishery

The Estonian Chefs Association

The Estonian Restaurants Association

The Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association

The Culinary Institute of Estonia

Estonian Rural Tourism

Flavours of Estonia


Food from the industry

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Food from the farms

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