Estonian food around the world

Estonian food is not only loved in its homeland. The freshness, nice flavours and high quality of our food is appreciated by consumers in our neighbouring countries as well as further away.

The biggest export article is Estonia’s high-quality raw milk and dairy products, but fish and bakery products, grains, sauces and oils, and of course good Estonian beer, is also in high demand.

Most of the exported goods end up on the shop shelves of our neighbouring countries. Finland ranks highest in the list of export markets, a fair amount of Estonian food products is also available in Latvia, Lithuania as well as Russia. Estonian food products can often be seen in the Swedish, German, Dutch, Danish and Polish supermarkets; Estonian food is exported to all European countries in larger or smaller capacities.

The tastes and products familiar to us also enrich the menus of fairly extraordinary countries – for example, Estonian enterprises export food to Saudi-Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, Thailand, Kenya, Sudan, Sierra Leone and China.

Food from the industry

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Estonian food in cafés and restaurants

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