Additional programme: Estonian Agricultural Museum


7 September Rye Bread Baking Course and making a chopping board whilst the bread is baking.

The participants will get the loaf of bread they baked themselves, the starter, recipe and chopping board at the end of the course.


14 September Course of Cooking with Baltic Herring You will learn to make different dishes where Baltic herring is one of the ingredients.


21 September Barley Bread Baking Course, plus making butter whilst the bread is baking. Sweet and savoury barley bread and butter is made during the course. Participants season the bread and butter and drink tea at the end of the course. Every participant will get the barley bread recipe.

Please register for the course in advance: or 5301 3023.


21 & 22 September Flax Programme for Schools Flax work will be done in the rye barn, and participants will also hear stories about flax as a fabric material. They will also get an overview of flax as a valuable food, and try dishes made from flax seed meal.


Estonian Food Project

The Estonian Food Project offers the following programmes to schoolchildren:

‘Estonian grains and the bread on our table’, ‘Things to know about eggs’, ‘Flax in our daily lives’ and ‘Honey - good for your health’.